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AmarMP.com receives recognition from the Bangladesh Parliament

AmarMP.com has received the Bangladesh Parliament’s recognition of offering No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the excellent work done by the organisation. Welcoming AmarMP.com on receiving the ‘mBillionth Award South Asia’, in his letter, the Deputy Speaker, Bangladesh Parliament, Md. Fazle Rabbi Miah has hailed AmarMP.com and said “I believe the AmarMP.com initiative will definitely play huge supporting and constructive roles towards creating Digital Bangladesh – an initiative of Honourable Prime Minister Seikh Hasina.” He also said, “I am extremely happy to know that almost 150 MPs have already welcomed your work; and to ensure public accountability, they are directly replying to citizen’s queries and solving various issues by using AmarMP.com platform.”

“Present government believes in accountability, democracy and freedom of expression” said the Deputy Speaker Md. Fazle Rabbi Miah, “to support transparency and ensuring accountability of activities of MPs; to support sustainable development; and as an easy medium of communication between MPs and citizens, the Bangladesh Parliament does not have any objection towards the AmarMP.com initiative.”

Confirming the news of receiving the NOC from the Bangladesh Parliament, the chairman of AmarMP.com, Engr. Sushant Das Gupta said, “this recognition by the Deputy Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament will further inspire us. I am sure this achievement of AmarMP.com will inspire our ambassadors and they will be able to play a significant role in citizen service by collecting necessary information from various government departments.” He said, “We really appreciate that deputy speaker greeted us for the award and we are also feeling more string after having the NOC from the Bangladesh Parliament.”

AmarMP.com is striving to create a social democratic movement by creating a platform for elected members of parliament and citizens of Bangladesh to connect. By coordinating all the information about the members of parliament and the different means for communication with them AmarMP.com has set up a clear and easy to follow mechanism for citizens to actively engage in the democratic processes, ask questions and hold parliamentary representatives accountable.

As a social voluntary organisation AmarMP will support all citizens to recognise, understand and exercise all human rights enshrined in the constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

AmarMP.com has recently been awarded the prestigious mBillionth Award South Asia by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF), India. AmarMP was the only organisation to achieve the mBillionth Award in 2017.

Advocate Md. Fazle Rabbi Miah - এডঃ মোঃ ফজলে রাববী মিয়া