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Subject : About train and economic zone.


Written By : NURJAHAN


With due respect I want to tell you that we,the Rangpur people, don't have enough and good train plying with other destination.Every day only two intercity train ply on Rangpur station.But our neighboring station such as Parbatipur, Dinajpur,Saiyedpur,Nilfamari are respectively 8,7,7,6 intercity trains plying in this station.we have one intercity train that goes to Dhaka  "RANGPUR EXPRESS" which is not perfectly accomodate people.It is a old train.That's why this train is almost every day run late.I requested you please contact to railway minister and give us a brand new green train and replace the present white train.Rangpur is a division ,but in rangpur there is no EPZ or economic zone.So I,requested you to take initial steps to set up a economic zone in rangpur.

SIR I you are really a good person.My father always select you as our representative.I am .also willing to select you as our MP.My name is Nurjahan, from your neighbouring village Balapara(Babukhan),Rangpur City Corporation(22 no ward).

Assalamualaikum sir.